Apr 062018

Exploring the World of Kids-Friendly Comic Books

Throughout the years, comic books have been a tool for everyone who wants to create a reading habit in children. Indeed, the combination of a unique storyline with colorful pictures will make children love to read. However, not all children will be suitable with mature comics such as the superheroes stories that are popular in the world. But, you can get the best of all by getting the educational comic books that are kid-friendly and still fun to read. The list will be helpful for parents to decide the early digest for the kids to learn more.

The Recommended Comic Books for the Kids

Among all of the popular comics, the educational comics will always draw the attention of the parents. Indeed, providing the ‘healthy’ comics for kids to read will always keep them happy and excited. When it comes to you to choose the comic books that are simply safe for the children, here are some of the recommendations for you.

  1. Toon Books

The first option is the Toon Books, which is a comic book that has been published since 2008. The uniqueness of this comic book is that they are available in the various reading level. Thus, you can suit the reading material with your children age. There are some unique books categories like brand-new readers and emerging readers. For the older children, Toon Books is also available to make sure they have a good reading material. The comics are indeed very educative for the early readers and they are successful to keep it fun.

  1. Tiny Titans

Tiny Titans will also be your choice if you want to give something different for the kids. It is a superhero comic that is easy and comfortable to be read by the children. No need to be worry of any aggressive scene in the comic books as there are plenty of good stories in this. Usually, there are 2-4 stories in each book that are unique to read with the characters like Aqualad Beast Boy, Robin, and Cyborg.

  1. Owly

Owly will also be an answer for every parent who is looking for the first book for their children. In this case, there are unique characters with a unique figure. The books are dominated with the images, making the words appear less than the words. However, it is a good start for letting the love of reading to sprout. Even the pre-readers will enjoy having the books contained with the stories of friendship, loyalty, and honesty.

The Classic Stories for Children

Some classic stories are also available if you want to experience a nostalgia of your own childhood. Fairy tales and the classic comic will be unique to try.

The nursery rhyme comics are also the alternative for you to choose. The comics are unique and attractive with the most beautiful cartoon image on the books. Besides, the stories of the fairy tales will never be disappointing for children. It is unique and will help the children to explore their imagination. It’s a good choice for you to have the most familiar book for children.

Uncle Scrooge is also a choice if you want to introduce your children to the early reading habit. The book is classic and you can get the best stories for making your children laugh. But, be ready to explain some complicated wordplay to your children. You need to also be aware of some traditional customs that might be unfamiliar for them.

The alternatives of most recommended education comics will help you to choose. The content is various with unique stories and attractive graphic. From the simple stories in daily life to the typical superheroes that are familiar with the children, you can find them easily on the list. Those comics will be good to start the reading habit of your children. So, are you ready to choose one?